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We're so excited to be part of the College Park community - there's finally a new barre in town!
Our studio is just off of Route 1 and Knox Road, and like many businesses in the area, was founded by a Maryland alum. We're here to support you, so please send us your thoughts, feedback on classes, things you'd like to see, and songs you love to hear when you're working out.

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If you are looking for a quick workout and want some change I would definitely recommend Open Barre.


Our Classes

Barre - This low impact, full body workout is one hour. This class includes a combination of barre work and ab work to help you lengthen your muscles and strengthen your core.

Barre Cardio Circuit - Get ready to sweat! This class will take traditional barre moves as well as cardio work and blend the two for a unique barre experience. This class is intended for clients who have already taken a minimum of five classes with us. We recommend bringing your sneakers, as there may be some jumps involved. This class is 45 minutes.

Barre Express - These sessions are scheduled on weekdays around lunch time and sometimes in the morning. Take a break from your desk and join us for a 45 minute class at the barre.

Recovery Barre - After a long night out, join us for barre on the weekends. This extended class offers a thorough workout set to soothing music and relaxing lighting. Recovery Barre includes extra stretching.

$5 Happy Hour Barre - Join us for a discounted barre class every Friday! The perfect opportunity to introduce a friend to our studio, this hour-long barre class is just $5.

Arms & Abs - Once you finish the warm-up, this 45 minute class is entirely comprised of core and arm work!

Barre Class 101 - New to barre? Nervous about taking your first class? This hour-long barre class will take you through some barre-basics, while giving you a great workout! All are welcome to sign up for this class - you don't have to be a first-timer! Barre Class 101 is capped at ten people per session.

Barre Stretch - This 30 minute class aims to help increase flexibility through stretches, holds, and thorough instruction. These classes are limited to eight participants. Please arrive warmed up and ready to get to work!

Date Night Barre - Find a date (it doesn't have to be romantic!) and bring them to the barre for the happiest of happy hours! Be prepared to work together for several of the exercises. This is your chance to show your date; roommate; husband; wife; whoever you'd like, really; what you've been doing at the barre, and maybe even convince them to join you for a regular class next time. Date Night classes are one hour. $20 per pair.

Mom Strength - If you're a mom (new or otherwise!) and your core isn't quite where you want it to be, this could be the best place for you to start! Mom Strength classes come in two forms: Level One and Pre-Barre. Both feature ten minutes of breathing exercises and core work designed to help bring your abs back together. Mom Strength is sold in packs of six and ten, each with four months validity. These classes take place at 8:00 or 8:30pm.

Intro Offers for New Clients

Three classes, one month expiration $30
Two weeks of unlimited classes $45
Apply what you paid for your first class to your first monthly unlimited or ten-pack Email or talk to an instructor in the studio to redeem


Monthly unlimited $99
Ten classes, three months expiration $120
Single class $14

UMD Student / Employee Specials (ID required)

Monthly unlimited $75
Fall 2018 semester unlimited
8/27 through 12/18

Visit Us

You’ll see our building from Knox Road. We’re right above Jason's Deli and Starbucks. You can find us by going all the way up the stairs next to Starbucks, or you can come in through the office building behind the main shopping center. Our parking lot is on Knox Road, across the street from South Campus Commons and adjacent to Knox Towers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes OpenBarre different from other barre studios?
When most people hear “barre class,” they think of paying hundreds of dollars per month, or close to $30 for a single class. That’s not what we’re about. We want to make barre accessible for everyone, because we believe barre is for everyone! We provide high quality classes that we keep small enough that our instructors can give everyone the individual attention they deserve. We offer a variety of classes, from guided stretching to barre boot camp, so you’ll be able to find a pace that’s right for you.
Who can take an OpenBarre class?
Everyone! That’s the great thing about OpenBarre! Our classes are “all-levels,” and you’ll get a challenging workout whether it’s your first class or your 1,000th. We’re able to modify everything we do so that you can take it to the level that’s most appropriate for you. We’ll take you to the point where your muscles are working so hard that they’re shaking, and then you’ll keep working from there. If you’d like to take things a little bit slower, we’d suggest starting with Barre Class 101.
What if it’s my first time at OpenBarre?
We ask that you arrive ten to 15 minutes early for your first class. Our studio can be hard to find, and we don’t want you missing the class as a result! Once you get to the studio, you’ll meet your instructor, we’ll show you around, and you’ll claim a space in the studio.
Where is the studio?
We’re at the intersection of Route 1 and Knox Road. There’s a big shopping center at that intersection – Starbucks, Jason’s Deli, Rugged Warehouse, and more. We’re upstairs – you can either take the stairs to the right of Starbucks or skip a flight of stairs and enter through the back of the building.
Where should I park?
There are several parking lots in the area! The one in front of the shopping center is big, accepts credit cards, and is free on Sundays! The lot behind the shopping center (just drive past Jason’s Deli and immediately turn right into the next lot) has coin-operated meters and is also free on Sundays. Make sure you park in a spot with a meter, not one that says a permit is required. Across Knox Road, you’ll see a lot operated by Spot Hero (4350 Knox Road Lot). You can book a spot there, though it’s more expensive to park in that lot than it is in ours if you’re just staying for one class. If you want to walk a little, or if you’re here on a summer evening, check out the parking garage by Ledo Pizza. It’s free after 5pm all summer long!
Do I need to start with Barre Class 101? Can I take Barre Class 101 if I’m not a beginner and it just works with my schedule?
You don’t need to start with it, and you absolutely can take it even if you’re not a beginner! Barre Class 101 moves at a slightly slower pace – we offer more breaks, and we teach the same class each time Barre Class 101 is offered. With our other classes, we make a conscious effort to mix things up for you so you’re not doing the same thing class after class. If you’re not sure which class is right for you, feel free to call or email us; we’d be happy to chat with you about it!
Can I come to $5 Happy Hour classes?
YES! These classes are just like our regular Barre classes, but less expensive! If you have an unlimited membership, these are already covered by that package. This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend, family member, or neighbor to the barre! We tend to get more significant others in these classes, so if you want to bring yours, they likely won’t be the only one!
What should I wear?
We encourage you to wear leggings and a comfortable top. You won’t need shoes for our classes unless you’re signed up for Barre Boot Camp (wear tennis shoes for that one!). We recommend socks with grips for all of our other classes, which we sell in the studio for $14. If you’ve ever been to SkyZone, their grip socks are also great!
What should I bring?
Water and a good attitude! If you have them, we recommend grip socks, but we also sell them in-studio. If you’re someone who likes having a towel when you work out, you may want to bring one with you. We’re working toward providing our own! We provide all of the equipment you’ll need, but if you prefer to use your own yoga mat, you’re certainly welcome to do so.
Do I need to sign up in advance?
YES! While some classes are relatively small, there are others that sell out regularly! Sign up early to reserve your place.
What if I signed up but need to cancel?
If you need to cancel (and we hope you don’t!), make sure to log into your MindBody account and do so at least two hours in advance. We understand that things come up, but we don’t want to keep someone else from signing up in your place. You must cancel at least two (2) hours before your class to avoid being charged for the class. If you “no-show” for a class, which means you’re signed up and occupying a spot but fail to show up, or you “late cancel” (canceling less than two hours before your class), you will be charged for the class (lose the class, as if you came and participated). If you have an unlimited package and “no-show” or “late cancel,” your account will be charged $5. How can you avoid the fee? Commit to your body! If you sign up for a class, show up for it. If you need to cancel, do so early enough so that another person has the opportunity to take your spot. If you absolutely have to late cancel, you can avoid the fee by taking another class with us that same day.
What if I try to sign up for a class but it is full?
Add your name to the waitlist! We frequently add people from the waitlist to our classes, so it’s always worth putting your name on it. Make sure you’re opted-in to emails, so that you get the notification in case you’re added. If you do make it off the waitlist and into the class, you will be automatically enrolled in the class. Not showing up will be considered a no-show.
Do you have changing rooms and showers?
We have dressing rooms in the back, but no showers.
Can I rent OpenBarre for special events or private lessons?
Yes! OpenBarre can be rented for teams, businesses, parties, clubs, and private lessons. You bring the participants, we’ll provide an instructor. Taking a barre class together is a great cross-training and team building activity. Email openbarrestudios@gmail.com for more information.

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If you have feedback to share, requests to make, or if you’re interested in hosting a private event, please reach out! We're happy to come out to your office for an office or team wellness event!

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